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Thank you for visiting American Registry Inc.

At the American Registry, we understand that finding the right nanny or baby sitter can be a difficult and uncertain experience. To give out clients peace of mind, we make it a point to provide our clients with as much information as possible about us, and all potential nannies and sitters.

American Registry is a licensed, bonded agency. All potential nannies and sitters have three verifiable working references in child care. These references are checked by both phone and mail. All potential nannies and sitters are subjected to a background screening process, which includes criminal record, social security, and driver's license check.

Let American Registry take care of your child care needs.

Services we provide…

Full and Part Time Nanny Placements

Temporary and permanent

Live in or live out

In Home Baby Sitters

Hotel Baby Sitters

Day or Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends

Vacation Sittings

Newborn Care



Phone: (312) 475-1372 Email: americanregistry@aol.com