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About Our Nannys

American Registry is a licensed and bonded agency, placing nannies in the Chicagoland area since 1950. American Registry works hard to find individuals that we believe are qualified to provide childcare in your home. Each nanny applicant:

Is personally interviewed by a licensed counselor

Has hands on experience working with infants and/or

Has completed or has agreed to complete a physical

Is, or will be certified in CPR

Speaks English

In addition, an American Registry placement counselor will perform a background check on each applicant, which includes verification of at least three references in childcare. Before the applicant begins working in your home, the counselor will also order a criminal record check, social security verification, and driver's license check. In, addition a background check will be performed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for any charges of abuse and neglect.

American Registry provides you with information on prospective nannies. If you are interested in an applicant, we will arrange for that applicant to call you and set up an interview. At no point will an American Registry nanny contact you without an introduction from us.



Phone: (312) 475-1372 Email: americanregistry@aol.com